Red Wing Classic Moc 6" Boot Review

Red Wing has been in the work boots manufacturing business for almost a century now. The brand’s decades of experience, fine craftsmanship, and technical expertise are all showcased in the Red Wing Classic Moc 6" Boot, one of the company’s long-running best sellers.

Read this Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Boot review if you are looking for a good pair of boots that are not only durable but also stylish. It’s the perfect everyday boots as it not only feels right at home, in a job site, or a farm, but is also classy enough for wearing in a more casual and social setting.

Quick Summary

Weight: 17 oz.
Upper Material: Copper Rough & Tough Leather
Closure Type: Lace-up, with Nickel Eyelets
Outsole: Rubber - Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge
Insole: Leather
Terrain Type: Road
Shaft Height: around 6 inches
Boot Opening: 6 inches
Price: Below $400
This is for you if:
You are looking for a durable pair of boots
You love the feel and classic look of leather
You prefer boots that are water resistant
You love boots with leather uppers that can resist stains
It’s not for you if:
You are looking for a lower-priced pair of boots
You are not a fan of the Moc Toe shoe design

Features and Specifications

Goodyear Welt Construction
We don’t usually pay any particular attention as to how a pair of shoes is constructed. However, footwear technology experts know that how a shoe is constructed has a major impact on its lifespan and comfort level. In the case of the Red Wing Classic Moc 6" Boot, you’ll be happy to know that its manufacturer took the time and effort to use the Goodyear welt construction method.

Welt is a strip of leather placed between the insole and outsole and runs along the outsole’s perimeter. One of the advantages of the Goodyear welt construction is that it is very easy to re-sole these shoes when needed. This effectively extends the service life of your shoes. Adding more layers of stiching, such as the boots triple stitching, made it water resistant. The boots can keep your feet safe and dry even after you unintentionally stepped on a puddle.

Waterproof Leather
Nothing speaks of class more than good quality leather. That’s exactly what you are getting from the Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic Moc 6" Boot. With its Copper Rough & Tough 100 percent leather uppers, the boot exudes a rugged type of luxury and stylish masculine elegance. You can also choose the perfect color for your style as the leather is available in a number of hues such as Java Muleskinner, Sage Mojave and Concrete Rough and Tough.
While leather certainly looks good as a shoe material, it is also a practical choice as well. Not only is it water resistant, but it is also perspiration and stain resistant as well. That means you’ll be enjoying the beautiful all-natural look of this leather boots for a very long time to come.
Leather Insole
While a shoe’s insole is not seen, it has a very important role to play. The insole provides some cushioning and is also dictates how comfortable you will be while wearing the shoe.

These Red Wing boots feature insoles made from pure leather. The material is one of the most popular when it comes to insoles as it provides cushioning and gives you a great “feel” especially if you use thin socks.

Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge Outsole
The outsole is a very important part of the shoe. After all, it is what connects you to the ground or surface that you are walking on. This boot’s Traction Tred Cushion Crepe Wedge outsole is just as its name suggests - it provides the wearer plenty of traction as well as stability.
The wedge-sole design is very popular in working boots - especially in farms - as it reduces the amount of mud clinging to the boots. However, the wedge-sole design is now becoming increasingly popular with the general public and is, in fact, even considered quite fashionable. You’ll see a number of celebrities opting for this style of footwear these days.
Moc Toe Design
The moc toe is a shoe design where the seam can be seen running around the shoe’s top part. Moc is actually short for moccasin which is originally the word for shoe in the Algonquian Indian language. This is a very classic design well-loved across generations which explains why this boot remains one of Red Wing’s top sellers.

Pros and Advantages

Very Durable
The shoes’ Goodyear welt construction contributes to their durability and strength. They are also very easy to re-sole which means you can extend their lifespan if needed.
Stylish, Classic design
This is a moc toe design boots which got its inspiration from moccasins. It is a design tested by time which explains why people of all ages love the classic styling to this day.
100 % Leather
This material speaks of luxury and class that’s why you’ll find its use in most luxury products. Aside from giving the boots its classy, ruggedly chic appeal, the leather used is also water, stain and perspiration resistant.
In this Red Wing boots, you’ll be getting the comfort only leather can bring.

Cons and Drawbacks

Sizing can be problematic
Most owners say they ordered a half-size lower to get the fit just right.
More expensive than other brands
The pricing can be an issue for some buyers.

Reviews From Actual User

Amazon buyer Marty T. wrote:
“So like everyone else. I had to order 1 full size smaller than what I wear in any athletic shoe. I wear 11 in almost everything, my big toe almost always hits when I put on a 10 1/2, but occasionally I will wear a 10 with certain flip-flops or crocs for example. Anyway, I ordered a 10 1/2 and my heel still slipped so I got a 10 and it was good, perfect with an insole and boots socks and maybe a hair roomy with athletic crew socks. If you call your local red wing store they will tell you themselves that they run a size big. Anyway, great boot overall. Super classic, stylish look. Great colors, look great with jeans, super duper durable, not much more to say.”


At below $400, the Red Wing Classic Moc 6" Boot is a good deal for your money. Not only will you be getting durable and sturdy footwear, but it is also stylish enough that you can use it to fashionably pair with your latest set of casual clothing.
Even if you intend to use the footwear for work in job sites or at the farm, it will still be a good investment. Aside from its durable high-quality craftsmanship, the shoe is so comfortable after you break it in that you won’t have problems wearing the pair every day.
Here’s a tip to make the pair last even longer. Use a hair dryer to warm the leather up then apply a coating of mink oil. The oil will help preserve the leather even better and enhances its water-resistant property.
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