Danner Quarry USA 8 Inch Work Boot For Men

Linemen are one of the most apparent groups of professionals who use work boots on a daily basis. In fact, they have their own unique pair of boots which are normally called Lineman Boots.

But even so, these electricians are still fond of using other types of work boots. As long as these work boots would pass their requirements and standards, then that pair should do them good.

Now, Danner is one of the great boot brands that manufactures different kinds of work boots. Not only that they cater to the standard ones, but they also offer several footwear products that are designed for workers.

As for the Danner Quarry USA boots, many are actually wondering if this is a great pair to break-in if you are a lineworker. But while this model is not really a lineman’s type, many of them are seen to utilize the boots.

So, if you are an electrician or a lineman (or something similar) and you are looking forward to having this pair of boots, then you may want to read on. In this review, you will get to know if the Danner Quarry USA is a great pair for you.

Quick Summary

Material: 100% Leather
Toe Type: Cap Toe
Construction: Handcrafted and Stitch-Down Welt Construction
Shaft: 7.75 inches from arch
Sole: Synthetic
Applications: Oil-Resistance; Slip-Resistance; Water-Resistance
Price: Below $300

Is It The One?

To help you more in deciding if this pair is a great fit for you, the points below might actually help you.
The Danner Quarry USA boots is appropriate for you if:
You want a waterproof and breathable pair of boots
You are looking for a mid-price range of work boots
You prefer a 100% leather in its main material
You need a handcrafted and stitchdown construction
You need a work boot with a shank
However, this may not be the one for you if:
You need a steel toe cap
You need insulating applications on your work boots
You want a steel shank
You prefer the high-end types of work boots
You are required to have an EH-rating and ASTM Standard approval for your boots

Key Features and Specifications of The Danner Quarry USA Boots

Materials and Durability
The Danner Quarry USA boots utilizes 100% leather. Although the main type of leather is not entirely specified, users attest that the leather upper is pure and full-grain. The footbed is actually an ortholite type. And as for the sole, this pair of boots mainly uses a synthetic material.
Due to these materials, many are seen to use the pair inside and outside sites of different technical-related industry. And in terms of its durability, you can expect for this boots to last for years.
Construction and Build
The construction type of the Danner Quarry USA boots is handcrafted and stitch-down construction. And this actually adds enough power to hold its form for years. Hence, the sturdiness is even more highlighted in this area.
Also, the tripled stitched are for maximum endurance and durability.
And with all of these construction methods, the Danner Quarry boots provides wider platform for increased stability underfoot. Moreover, it can provide much increased stability on the overall build.
Apparently, this pair is made and imported in the USA. And many consumers would want to know this information for quality assurance purposes.
Shaft, Shank, Heel, and Platform
The measurement of the shaft is rated at approximately 7.75 inches from the arch. This is basically .25-inch short than the basic lineman boots’ shanks. As for the heel, it actually measures at approximately 1.5 inches and 1 inch for its platform.
This Danner model also comes with a fiberglass shank. As it happens, this part is very essential to every line worker. Although most of the line workers would prefer to have a steel shank due to its superior durability and sturdiness, fiberglass material has its own special characteristics as well.
Standard Applications
The applications that are equipped in the Danner Quarry boots include waterproofing, oil-resistance, and slip-resistance. In addition to these features, the boots can keep the user’s feet dry and comfortable all day long due to its engineered breathable gore-tex liner.
These applications are very essential to users who largely work on sites that require maximum safety practices.
However, a pair of Danner Quarry USA boots does not come with insulation. So, it is not entirely appropriate for spaces and sites that work against electrical hazard and energized equipment.

Pros and Advantages

Durable and Sturdy
All of the materials used in its construction are all of the finest quality. And according to users, this pair can last for years.
It Comes With A Shank
Some work boots do not come with a shank. And this is a very essential part of work boots.
It’s Waterproof
The boots will keep your feet dry all day long.
The price of this pair is rated below $300 which is just fitting for any mid-range pair of work boots.

Cons and Drawbacks

No Insulation
This work boots do not have an insulation feature. So, it is not practically appropriate to use in energized sites and spaces.
No EH-Rating and ASTM Approval
Some sites and institutions would require these standards and ratings. This also means the boots did not undergo these tests.
Not Steel Toe
The toe type of this pair is simply a cap toe. So, this must not be used in areas where steel-toe footwears are a must.

Reviews From Actual Users

“These boots should last several years and when they wear out I will send them back to the factory to have them resoled. Danner has a new customer for life as long as they are made in the USA”
“Second pair of these bad johnnies. The break in period will make you think you made a mistake but after giving them a proper break in they are the most comfortable”

The Verdict: Is It Really A Lineman’s Pair?

The Danner Quarry USA is ultimately a great pair of work boots. And many workers would really find comfort, efficiency, and durability with the said pair. However, if you are a lineman looking for a pair of lineman boots or anything of the like, this might not be the best one for you.
The reason behind this is that it lacks a lot of basic features that a lineman would need during working hours. But even so, apprentice line workers may still use this pair.
All in all, this is a highly recommendable. Yet again, the features are very limited to be considered as a pair of lineman boots.
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